King of Spring Tournament
May 13-15, 2022

Ballout Events “King of Spring” tournament offer’s team’s an early season snapshot of development and advancement. Many teams have been playing between 1-3 months and need to identify their strength vs weaknesses. The KOS allows teams to measure their improvement with other teams looking to achieve the same.

As always, BOE will invite teams at each age group and the talent level that they compete in.  The “Platinum” divisions for high level competition or the “Gold” division for moderately competitive teams. Girls and Boys teams are permitted.


Team - Entry Fees

1 Team = $350.00

2 Team = $295.00/ea.

3 or More Teams or Multiple Events = $275.00/ea

To inquire about multiple event discounts, please contact BOE Customer Service at 832-371-2550 for pricing.

Spectator Entry Fee

NEW tournament entry pricing unless otherwise listed at competition site

Friday Day Passes are $15 Adults, 5-Under Free

Saturday & Sunday Day Passes are $15 Adults, 5-Under Free

*Weekend Pass cost will be posted at tournament entry table, if available