Houston Live I:
JULY 1-3, 2022

Ballout Events Houston “LIVE” tournament was created to specifically “Showcase” high-level players and teams from Greater Houston and the surrounding area.  BOE understands that College Recruitment and Exposure is vital for High School athletes entering their last summer of eligibility and many athletes may not have the skill, size or aptitude to compete at the DI level; however, the Houston “LIVE” Tournaments goal is to make sure that Coaches at every level are able to access the performance of teams and players via OTR Exposure represented and ready to offer!  

The Houston “LIVE” Event exclusively benefits 15U – 17U teams and unsigned Seniors.  The 15U - 17U Showcase division is specifically for Summer Teams that are fortunate to have projected collegiate level athletes.  Each team invited will play at the least, 2 “Showcase” Games.  Also, the Houston "Live" event will host an Unsigned Senior division. Individual participants and/or formed teams can enter this division.

Guess What!  You won’t be isolated to a remote gym across town.  ALL games will be played in the same facilities so you’ll never know who’s watching you.


Team - Entry Fees

1 Team = $350.00

2 Team = $295.00/ea.

3 or More Teams or Multiple Events = $275.00/ea

To inquire about multiple event discounts, please contact BOE Customer Service at 832-371-2550 for pricing.

Spectator Entry Fee

NEW tournament entry pricing unless otherwise listed at competition site

Friday Day Passes are $15 Adults, 5-Under Free

Saturday & Sunday Day Passes are $15 Adults, 5-Under Free

*Weekend Pass cost will be posted at tournament entry table, if available