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February 11-12


>30 Years’ experience in Coaching and being involved with select basketball has taught me that the formative years of athletics is often overlooked.  The love and passion for the game is cultivated in the 3rd- 8th Grade  years.  Unfortunately, school basketball does not offer the fundamental development and quality competition needed for a player to improve and often teaches bad habits.  The Ballout Events Pre Season Showcase provides Coaches the platform to continue fundamental development, competitiveness, mental preparedness for their team before the Spring and Summer season begins.  The Ballout Events Pre-Season Showcase can also be used as a tryout for athletes seeking to join a team.   I encourage your team’s participation in this fun and competitive event.

Team - Entry Fees

1 Team = $250.00

2 Team = $225.00/ea.

3 or More Teams = $200.00/ea

To inquire about multiple event discounts, please contact BOE Customer Service at 832-371-2550 for pricing.

Spectator Entry Fee  unless otherwise listed at competition site

Friday Day Passes are $12 for Adults, 5-Under Free

Saturday & Sunday Day Passes are $15 Adults, 5-Under Free

*If available, Weekend Pass cost will be posted at tournament entry table, if available

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